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Toray to establish R&D innovation center

News International-French

16 May 2016

The company announced that it is going to build a research base, the R&D Innovation Center for the Future, at its Shiga Plant, where the company was founded.

As Toray’s global research headquarters, the center will explore functions and systems necessary for future society, while pursuing and strengthening R&D for the future aimed at realizing kotozukuri that utilizes the strength of materials.

The R&D Innovation Center for the Future will have two sites:

  • Integrated Research Site, which will have the function of idea creation as the core of R&D for the future
  • Experimental Research Site, which promotes development, evaluation and demonstration of prototypes based on those ideas.

The total floor area of the center is about 16,800 m2. Furthermore, the center will pursue strategic open innovation through interaction, integration and collaboration with academia and important partners from diverse fields by establishing innovation hub functions such as an international conference hall, exhibition and demonstration area and open lab, and promote integration of frontier technologies with Toray’s materials and technologies at its core.

Toray was founded in 1926, and it established the Central Research Laboratories in Shiga to mark its 30th anniversary in 1956 and constructed the Basic Research Laboratories in Kamakura in 1962 marking its 35th anniversary. It restructured the organization reflecting the times and created numerous new products by deepening the core technologies of polymer chemistry and organic synthetic chemistry.

The New Frontiers Research Laboratories (opened in 2003), established in Kamakura to mark Toray’s 75th anniversary, has created new fields such as bio-tools and antibody drugs by combining nano- and bio-technologies, and is also playing a major role in attracting talents.

To expand its businesses globally in its growth fields and regions, Toray has been pursuing research and technology development in collaboration with domestic and overseas production and sales sites. The development of the R&D Innovation Center for the Future is to mark the 90th anniversary of Toray’s founding and will bolster the functions as the headquarters for global alliance of research. The existing facilities led by the former Central Research Laboratories building in the Shiga Plant will be refurbished for the new center.

At the R&D Innovation Center for the Future, Toray will pursue and strengthen R&D that will enrich the lives of people through efforts to create advanced materials, devices and systems in green innovation and life innovation fields such as advanced health care, new energy and separation systems by fine polymer and nano-fabrication using Toray’s polymer technologies and integration of computers and material science that make full use of Toray's simulation technologies.

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