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Toray established resin company in Sichuan for auto industries

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6 Aug 2012

Toray announced that they have set up a resin materials manufacturing and sales company for the automotive and appliance parts in China Sichuan.

They will invest about $156 millions USD to build an annual production 11000 tons new factory there, and put into production in October 2013.


Many auto and Lap Top Computer related manufacturers have settled in the western area of China. Therefore, Toray hopes to meet these enterprises’ needs of continue to expand their resin business.


The new company was named "Toray Plastic (Chengdu) Co., Ltd" with the registered capital of 70 million Yuan. Toray Group's two member companies has invested with full funds to the new company.


The new company’s main production is resin material. They will supply to European, American, and the Japanese automobile and home appliances and other related industries manufacturers in China western regions.


Toray established Toray Plastic (China) Co., Ltd in Hongkong in 2010, which includes its resin business in China. A subsidiary in Shenzhen of this company has a capacity of 50000 tons, and another subsidiary company in Suzhou has 20000 tons.


After this settlement in China Western areas, Toray’s annual capacity will exceed 80000 tons in China.



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