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Torninova has made an important sale of a new special line

News International-French

30 Jan 2012

As a result of the presentation of the ultimate series of cast extrusion lines Compact Stretch 2000 five-layer for PE stretch film production, during the last Open House held at its headquarters in Bastia Umbra, Torninova has made an important sale of a new special line.

Such new line belongs to the Compact Stretch series, and is the 2-Meters format equipped with 5 extruders with ultra-compacts and energy-saving gear-motors, able to produce stretch film with co-extrusion structure at 7 Layers (ABCDCBE). The co-extrusion configuration, that offers an output of 1.400 kg/, has been specifically studied for a very thin film production (up to 7-8 micron) at a speed of over 650 m/min.

The line is also equipped with the innovative patented universal winder "QUICKGOLD-4S ®" (already successfully presented at the K2010 fair) capable of winding in a single unit stretch film rolls for Hand use, Machine use and Jumbo size, with very low changing cycles (12 seconds) . Sophisticated control systems and automations make the system easy to be managed by a single operator, reducing to a minimum the operator’s intervention during the processes of cores loading and final rolls collecting.

The line is going to be delivered to an important customer in Eastern Europe.


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