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A torque clutch made from carbon-fiber-reinforced polyamide

News International-French

22 Jun 2015

ContiTech Vibration Control launches a composite torque clutch. The weight of this component is less than half that of previous variants. This helps to reduce the overall weight of the vehicle, driving down fuel consumption further as a result.

The new torque clutch comprises three components made from carbon-fiber-reinforced polyamide or thermoplastic polyurethane. The weight is less than half that of previous variants

This is possible because of the materials used. One important element is carbon-fiber-reinforced polyamide. A similar material is already used for other vehicle components such as transmission crossbeams and torque rod supports. The assembly also contains components made from thermoplastic polyurethane. This combination makes the torque clutch particularly abrasion-resistant. The material reduces wear throughout the entire service life of the component. In passenger cars with electronic steering assistance, it links the engine with the transmission at the steering and protects the transmission by compensating for the axle offset in the event of wear.

The Dannenberg plant has been part of the Continental Corporation since 1961. Today, two ContiTech business units manufacture products at the location. Vibration Control produces various components for the automotive industry, such as axle boots, convoluted air springs, and clutches. The Power Transmission Group in Dannenberg makes belts for industrial applications and drive belts for electric bicycles. Around 300 employees work at the plant.

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