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Toyota launches the Ponam-28V premium sports cruiser

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10 Nov 2016

Toyota Motor Corporation launches next-generation hull that combines three structural components―FRP, aluminum, and carbon fibers, to achieve a new sense of riding comfort, high rigidity, and lightness.

Toyota launches the Ponam-28V premium sports cruiser

The Ponam-28V was developed as a premium sports cruiser, combining high cruising performance with excellent riding comfort coupled with a luxurious, user-friendly interior. The three main features are as follows: the Toyota Hybrid Hull that was developed jointly with Yanmar Co., Ltd (Yanmar) which provides a new sense of riding comfort, a pilot support system utilizing automotive-derived control technologies, and a flowing form characteristic of the styling of the Ponam series, as well as an interior with a luxurious feel.

The Ponam-28V has been created as a commercial version of the Toyota-28 Concept, which was displayed at the Japan International Boat Show held in March 2016. In addition, the Toyota-28 Concept had also received the Good Design Award in 2016.

The manufacturing of the Toyota-28 concept has been subcontracted to Yanmar.

Like the Ponam-31, the Ponam-28V is powered by a 3.0-liter inline four-cylinder direct-injection diesel engine derived from the Land Cruiser Prado. Specially tuned for marine applications, the engine combines high power with excellent fuel efficiency, while keeping emissions, noise, and vibration to a minimum. In addition, a high level of maneuverability is ensured with a control system that utilizes automotive-derived technologies, such as the world's first2 single-shaft Toyota Virtual Anchor System3 (TVAS), which is used in boats that are equipped with one engine unit.

Despite its high performance and luxurious feel, the retail price of the entry model Ponam-28V has been set at 19,200,000 yen (excluding consumption tax), allowing the price to be fixed at below 20 million yen.

Toyota has been marketing the 35-foot long Ponam-35 and the 31-foot long Ponam-31, and the company is enhancing the Ponam series product lineup with the launch of the 28-foot long Ponam-28V.

Going forward, Toyota will continue to promote its marine business by developing attractive products that are designed to provide rewarding leisure time activities and to support a fulfilling lifestyle.

Toyota Hybrid Hull providing a new sense of riding comfort
The Ponam-28V has adopted the next-generation Toyota Hybrid Hull, which offers significant improvements in three areas: materials, composition, and shape. By combining FRP (the hull's base material) with aluminum and carbon fibers, the Toyota Hybrid Hull achieves approximately seven times the rigidity of a standard FRP hull, while weighing roughly 10 percent less than a similarly-sized craft with an aluminum hull. The Toyota Hybrid Hull design also enables the molding of complicated curved shapes, leading to improved maneuverability and also, makes large-scale production possible.

Toyota Hybrid Hull

A manufacturing method called the vacuum infusion molding5 is being used for the first time in Japan6 for the mass production of the boat, enabling high-strength molding with improved material density. The Toyota Hybrid Hull has reduced propulsion resistance during cruising, and achieves a comfortable ride which enhances sea-kindliness and turning ability with little shock and vibration.