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TPI launches advanced composite tooling production in China

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4 Sep 2013

TPI Composites announced that it is expanding its composite tooling production capabilities to its facility in Taicang Port, Jiangsu, China.

Over the last decade, TPI has produced hundreds of wind blade molds, ranging from 30 to 60 meters in length, to support its global operations from its Tooling Technology Center in Warren, Rhode Island. The company will continue to support the North American market from Rhode Island while also providing cost effective tooling solutions for the rest of the world from China. 

“We have learned how critically important it is to our wind blade operations to have high performing molds and assembly systems that are both dimensionally accurate and reliable over time,” said Steve Lockard, President & CEO of TPI Composites.

TPI’s precision tooling systems have been used to build tens of thousands of wind blades in the U.S., Mexico, China and Turkey. TPI’s Tooling Technology Center will transfer the best of TPI’s state of the art technology to the China operation to produce tooling to international requirements and demanding specifications.

“TPI’s Taicang facility has operated since 2008, and manufactured thousands of blades to internationally accepted high quality standards,” said Jun Ji, Vice President, Asia & European Operations. Mr. Ji added, “We have started production of our first set of wind blade molds in China and are looking to add more customers.”

About TPI Composites, Inc.:
TPI Composites is a U.S.-based leading global supplier of structural composite products to the wind energy, military, and transportation markets. TPI delivers high-quality, cost effective composite solutions through long term partnerships with leading manufacturers.  TPI operates factories throughout the U.S., Mexico, China and Turkey.