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Trelleborg introduces its composites marine bearings

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29 Jan 2014

Orkot marine bearings, developed and manufactured by Trelleborg Sealing Solutions, contribute to the build of large and efficient container ships as the Maersk Triple E class family built by Korea’s Daewoo Shipbuilding.  

The "Triple E" name is derived from the class's three design principles: "Economy of scale, Energy efficient and Environmentally improved". At 400 meters/ 1,312 feet long, the ships are able to carry 2,500 more containers than the E class ships they replaced. The class uses a strategy known as slow steaming, which is expected to lower fuel consumption by 37 percent and carbon dioxide emissions per container by 50 percent. The Triple E design helped Maersk win a "Sustainable Ship Operator of the Year" award in July 2011.

Orkot marine bearings
Orkot marine bearings are manufactured from a unique synthetic composition incorporating solid lubricants for dry running to ensure good wear life. Virtually no swelling in seawater and very low thermal coefficient of expansion provide dimensional stability in arctic and tropical seas. The bearings do not corrode or promote corrosion of the housing and tolerate both edge loading and misalignment.

  • Orkot TLMM Marine
    The standard material incorporating a woven fabric reinforcement and solid lubricants within a thermosetting resin matrix. The material can be used in conjunction with water and grease lubrication and can run dry for limited periods.

  • Orkot TXMM Marine
    A further development of Orkot TLMM, TXMM utilizes a specialised bearing surface to extend its dry running capabilities that reduces friction and wear rates. The material can also be used with grease and water lubrication.

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