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Trimming cell for composite workshops

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28 Feb 2012

JEC Europe 2012 - The trimming of finished parts is a hard, painful task for operators working in a composite workshop.

Matrasur Composites has developed the ultimate integrated automated concept for composite part trimming: the Usimat trimming cell.



With Usimat it is now possible to:

•          Concentrate all trimming operations in one compact area of the workshop;

•          Divide trimming cycle times by 4;

•          Obtain high precision and process repetitiveness;

•          Prevent operator exposure to dust and eliminate accident risks.



Based on their long-term experience of composite manufacturing processes, Matrasur Composites can analyse the parts to be trimmed taking into consideration the dimensions, daily quantities, part materials, and help the user choose a suitable robot technology: 6-, 7- or 8-axis trimming robot with electric or pneumatic spindle, as well as its environment: software, operator safety, trimming cabin, dust extraction and processing systems, etc.



The concept includes equipment, commissioning and training services backed up by specialized customer support.


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