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Triton Systems receives MassVentures stage 1 funding

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24 Jul 2013

Triton Systems, of Chelmsford, MA announces that their Composites Division, together with their partner, Specialty Materials, of Lowell, are the recipients of MassVentures 2013 START Stage I Funding for their fiber reinforced aluminium FRA Composites technology.

The START grant is given to Massachusetts-based companies with unique product offerings who want to expand their manufacturing base in Massachusetts. FRA Composites (patent pending) is a new, alternative composite material ideal for use in manufacturing internal combustion engine components. Due to its high temperature strength, light weight and wear resistance, it enables increased engine efficiency – further reducing emissions and fuel consumption.

FRA is a high strength aluminum alloy randomly reinforced with chopped ceramic (alumina-silicate) fibers. The ideal applications for this material are those that capitalize on its excellent wear resistance, light weight and elevated temperature strength properties. Tests have proven that compared to steel and cast iron, this material has equivalent or better resistance to various forms of wear (abrasive, fretting, metal-to-metal sliding).  However, it is 1/3 the density of ferrous alloys. Furthermore, compared to conventional high strength aluminum alloys, it has > 3X elevated temperature strength. 

The funds enable Triton and SMI to build internal com bustion engine prototype part s for evaluation by various engine OEMs. Triton and SMI have formed a partnership in the manufacturing of FRA Composites parts – and are building a high volume production facility in Lowell, MA.

Triton and SMI will transition the FRA fabrication from their current pilot facility in Chelmsford to a high volume production plant in late 2013.

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