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TWD Fibres GmbH has developed a super-hydrophobic filament yarn with permanent built-in self-cleaning effect

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26 Dec 2012

This filament yarn has been developed in cooperation with the Institute for Textile Technology and Process Engineering (Institut für Textil- und Verfahrenstechnik - ITV) in Denkendorf , Germany

A botanical phenomenon, which can be observed for example in lotus plants, gave the impulse for this innovation: leaves with a rough and water-repellent surface structure self-clean, as dirt and micro-organisms roll off with the rain. Up to now a self-cleaning effect could only be achieved temporarily by external refining processes, i.e. subsequent chemical treatment.

In contrast to this, TWD Fibres GmbH‘s trend-setting innovation, with working title DIOLEN®CLEAN PROJECT, achieves a permanent self-cleaning effect by using a specialised spinning process that integrates the  self-cleaning effect in the yarn. It is expected that TWD Fibres GmbH's DIOLEN®CLEAN will be available as polyester filament yarn in raw white, package or dope dyed in various yarn counts once further development work has been completed. Thus DIOLEN®CLEAN will meet a broad spectrum of requirements within the
technical textiles market. The manufacturing process of this yarn consists of various stages to achieve the desired self-cleaning effect as permanent characteristic. The new TWD material exhibited significantly better cleaning characteristics compared to currently available textile applications in all common tests; such as the Martindale abrasion test, testing the fouling and cleaning characteristics in artificial weathering conditions based on DIN EN ISO 105-B04, and the DIN EN ISO 6330 method 7a washing tests. The dynamic roll off angle is the decisive assessment criterion. Current research results were presented to international attendees at this year’s Man-Made Fibers Congress in Dornbirn, Austria. Various companies have already expressed strong  interest.

The product is expected to be available on the market from 2014. Many promising applications are possible: from home textiles (table cloths, furniture upholstery, decorative and curtain fabrics) for the private and contract sector, hospitals, pensioners’ residences; outdoor and functional clothing; via car interior textiles (upholstery, side trim panels); to canvas, cover and tent fabrics.

TWD Fibres GmbH wants to actively include its customers into the innovation process and thus achieve optimum customer-centred higher added value within the DIOLEN®CLEAN PROJECT. Dialogues with pilot customers regarding further development co-operations are ongoing. The requirements profiles of various sectors need to be evaluated to inform the application orientated development work of the next few months. TWD Fibres GmbH has decided to publicise the innovation and introduce the prototype to international trade media and visitors at its stall during the upcoming Heimtextil 2013 trade show, although the product requires further fine tuning prior to its market release.


About TWD Fibres GmbH:
Since its foundation in 1959 TWD Fibres GmbH successively built up its spinning and texturizing capacity. Its core competency is the production of texturized polyester and polyamide filament yarns and includes  production stages spinning, additive spinning, texturizing, twisting and dyeing. TWD Fibres GmbH is part of internationally operating Daun & Cie Group, employs about 800 staff, and generates a turnover of 100 million Euro. The high quality raw white, package or dope dyed yarns are available in various qualities and additional functions.

TWD Fibres GmbH has one of the biggest and most efficient dye houses in Europe with more than 5.000 tons of dyeing capacity per year. Most important application markets are automotive (car interior textiles), clothing, home textiles, and medical as well as technical applications.