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TWEA 2013 annual meeting and the wind power industry innovation seminar held

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17 Apr 2013

Last month, Tianjin Wind Energy Association (TWEA) 2013 annual meeting and the wind power industry innovation seminar was held.

The chairman of the world wind energy association, China Renewable Energy Association Professional Committee Secretary-General He Dexin, TWEA president Xu Yuli, Tianjin city Tianjin Binhai New Area Economics and Information committee vice director Cao Jianjun attended the meeting and made speeches. The meeting was chaired by TWEA Secretary-General Wang Changgui.

He Dexin pointed out that China's wind power while maintaining a steady development, but the development of wind power bottleneck is still prominent. The problems are mainly the serious wind power abandoning, difficulty in consumption of the power, hard to connect with the power grid, industry overcapacity, slow offshore wind power development, and the weakness of science and technology innovation capability.

On the seminar, Gold Wind Polytron Technologies Inc vice president Wu Kai, Vestas wind technology (China) Limited General Manager Wu Langfeng, General Engineer Tianjin Ruineng Electric Co., Gao Yingjun and TWEA Deputy Secretary Wang Huajun respectively made their reports and shared the successful experience of the enterprise. Over hundred representatives from upstream and downstream enterprises of the wind energy industry chain attended the meeting.

About Tianjin wind energy association (TWEA):
It is the first professional winds energy local association in China and was set up on February 16, 2008. TWEA is supported by Tianjin high-tech Industry Park. TWEA has 85 enterprise members at the present.

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