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Twice as light - Two RTM units for Dresden Technical University

News International-French

29 Aug 2014

To extend its development and service options the Institute for Lightweight Construction and Plastics Technology (ILK) at the TU Dresden has recently commissioned two high-pressure resin transfer molding (HD-RTM) dosing units from Frimo.

The design of these machines was matched exactly to the customer's requirements. Advantages: With its wide product portfolio for mixing and dosing systems, Frimo can respond flexibly to individual demands.

These two new machines allow epoxides and polyurethane resins respectively to be processed in combination with endless-filament reinforcement into high-performance fiber composite components. To allow for the widest possible range of component sizes and tests, the output ranges were designed to be wide. The first dosing machine is equipped for a range of 33 to 166 g/s with epoxide matrix material and the second unit for a range from 10 to 65 g/s with polyurethane matrix material. By consistently separating the two matrix material families, the risk of interactions during material changes is minimized and the dosing machine for the PUR matrix material can also be used for S-RIM applications.

In equipping the dosing machines, particular importance was given to ensuring that they are user-friendly for laboratory use. This includes, for example, a mobile visualization unit. To show all important information at a glance, in addition to a clear display of the main process parameters, monitoring devices are also provided on the machines. This feature, developed in-house by Frimo, offers the customer a particularly friendly interface and has already proved itself many times in various applications. All process-relevant parameters are displayed via this visualization unit and can be seamlessly documented and archived. The data interface provided can be flexibly adjusted to specific customer needs in order to make transfer of project-relevant data to superordinate systems easy.

To facilitate the frequent changes of material that are necessary for testing purposes, the day containers in the main machine frame have been arranged in such a way that they can be optimally drained. To ensure the widest possible range of applications these can also be pressurized using vacuum or with pre-charge pressure using dry air.

For flexible and versatile use in different areas of the laboratory it was essential that the ILK units be compact and easy to transport. The Frimo solution met these requirements without problems, since all of the sub-assemblies of the machines are mounted on a base frame.

The purchase of these two systems has enabled the Institute for Lightweight Construction at Dresden to take into account the particular characteristics of different resin systems and also their different processing properties. As part of a development partnership Frimo continues to be involved in developments in the exciting field of high-pressure RTM injection on a production scale.