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A two components resin mixing and dispensing system for aerospace applications

News International-French

15 Oct 2014

Isojet Equipements, a French specialist in Resin Transfer Moulding (RTM) machinery partners with JR Technology Limited (JRTL), their specialist UK agents and a materials company, to develop Isojet 2K, a two components resin mixing and dispensing system machine for applications in aerospace and allied industries.

The result of several years’ collaboration saw Isojet and JRTL install a bespoke two component (2K) resin mixing and dispensing machine at the OEM’s research and development facility. The machine allows the chemists to develop new resin systems, giving them full flexibility in all aspects of the RTM process.

Unlike traditional models on the market, this Isojet 2K machine is used in the development of new resin systems. Until now, all RTM adhesives have been single component (1K) which makes them very unstable to transport, with a maximum 10kg container.

This new machine allows the operator to regulate the temperature and pressure throughout the degassing, mixing and dispensing process, including heating and degassing of the tool prior to injection. One of the components is crystalline prior to processing and won’t flow until it reaches a temperature of 80+ degrees C. Therefore every part of the machine is heated, including the volumetric flow meters. It can operate over a range of pressures (0-25bar injection pressure) and flow rates (0 -0.5kg per minute injection flow).
There is also a data logging feature. A 19-inch full-colour touch-screen monitor displays temperatures and pressures of all parts of the process and the unit is self-contained and fully mobile.

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