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Two Jianglong FRP law enforcement patrol boats delivered

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11 Sep 2012

Guangdong Maritime Bureau Gang Zhu Ao bridge construction maritime law enforcement patrol boats delivery ceremony was held in Guangdong Jianglong Shipbuilding Co., Ltd.

Guangdong Maritime Bureau opened a tender to build 6 maritime law enforcement patrol boats last year. Jianglong has won the bidding with the absolute in competitive advantage by the virtue of years of design and construction of official law enforcement vessels.


These 6 maritime law enforcement patrol boats have two types. The bureau ordered three each. The first class is the high-speed patrol boat with a total length of 19.5m, beam of 4.60m, depth of 2.20m, and a speed of 18-19kN. They are mainly used for the Pearl River estuary waters patrol;


Another class is the patrol boat with a total length of 24.8m, width of 4.8m, depth of 2.2M, and a speed of 20KN. They are mainly used for maritime law enforcement and official receptions.


This delivery includes one of 19.5 meters and one of 24.8 meters of maritime law enforcement patrol boats. The hull are all made of steel materials, which ensure that the ship body strength and stiffness, and also have good anti-collision, wear-resistant characteristics.


The structures on top are made with glass fiber reinforced plastic with easy molding, handsome and novel appearance, and smooth lines. The combination advantages of the two kinds of materials enable the boats function to meet the requirements of full steel boats. In the mean time, it reduced a lot of weight in comparison of the whole steel ship.


Under the same speed, the boats reduced engine power as well as the fuel consumption, which reduced carbon dioxide emissions, hence achieved the effects of energy saving and emission reduction.


It is the China current maritime patrol boats with complete functions, performance equipment, high technology content, and advanced management tools in the Chinese coastal waters.


Gang Zhu Ao bridge construction maritime 6 law enforcement patrol boats will be put into Zhuhai, Shenzhen, Guangzhou three maritime bureaus in succession.