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A UAV made in Switzerland

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26 Apr 2011

Swiss UAV has developed several particularly elegant Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAV). The initial designs were created by the company and then adapted to composite material requirements by a professional product designer who also works for the Formula 1 sector.

(Published on March-April 2009 – JEC Magazine #47)


The NEO S-300 is a compact unmanned helicopter from Swiss UAV. Its carbon-fibre sandwich body is produced by a professional subcontractor, who handles all the layouts and calculations for the material. Composites were chosen for their stiffness and low weight, which allow higher payload.


The helicopter takes off from the spot and, once it has carried out the tasks it was programmed for, can land at a precise location, exactly where the “pilot” on the ground wants it to be. It is equipped with GPS and refined on-board electronics, and has the required loading capacity for any additional devices. According to the user’s individual require- ments, the NEO S-300 can be set up to take anything from a stabilized camera to infrared or ultraviolet sensors, up to gaslaser scanners, antennas or a radar. The UAV is a further development of the CamClone MK-III. It can be driven by a 14 kW electric motor or turbine, as needed. Depending on the load and on the wind and weather conditions, it can reach high speeds and has a remarkable action radius. It is already fully usable as a remote-controlled basic model. Swiss UAV also offers a comprehensive range of optional equipment – from autopilots to the best on-board electronics, gimbals and sensors, up to ground stations and spare parts.


Specific solutions

Swiss UAV GmbH and EMT Ingenieurgesellschaft presented their first joint product, the Museco, at the SMM Hamburg trade show. The new helicopter system was on show at the German "Bundeswehr" stand to both civilian and military visitors. New concepts were presented, combining ideas based on the system’s use case models. The Museco aroused great interest for marine applications.


Swiss UAV GmbH delivered the first VTOL UAV in a series of systems designed for pipeline monitoring. Fitted with a daylight gyro-stabilized camera payload along with additional sensors, the VTOL UAV is capable of performing monitoring work with real-time live video within a range of 60km and for up to 2½ hours flight duration. The aircraft has two independent radio links to communicate with the ground control station. The operator can interrupt the current flight plan to hover, or change the co-ordinates and get closer if damage is seen on the pipeline. Several months of extensive flight tests will prove the system’s ability to fulfil the given tasks ahead.


The aircraft is based on the NEO S-300 VTOL UAV system, powered by a 14 kw turbine. The MTOW (Maximum Take Off Weight) of the NEO S-300 is 75 kg, including 32 litres of Jet A1 or similar fuel.


Market potential

The market potential of UAVs in general is very large but, due to airworthiness regulations, there is still a long way to go to define various markets. In any case, the needs are exceptionally high.


More Information...

Fuselage: Carbon fibre sandwich construction 275 cm x 95 cm x 86 cm

Rotor: 300 cm, 3 blades

Dry weight: 25 kg

MTOW: 75 kg

Payload: 20 kg