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Ultralight bicycle frame produced by American Artisan

News International-French

12 Jun 2012

Chomarat in co‐operation with American Artisan Bicycles, Inc., Sonoma, California publicly unveiled the first industrial bicycle parts produced using C‐PLY™ Bi‐Angle NFC fabric from Chomarat using prepreg material supplied by Aldila.

The new novel American Artisan bicycle frame is thought to be the lightest painted, hand wrapped and tubeto‐ tube constructed frame in the world said American Artisan Bicycle President‐John Eggers, Ph.D. “We are the only bicycle company in the world using C‐PLY™ Bi‐Angle NCF fabric, and it gives us a unique competitive advantage and the potential to build the world’s lightest and strongest road racing bicycles made in the USA. Our latest sub 700 gram carbon tube set (52cm frame) is proof positive: the ride quality of a C‐PLY™ NCF built frame is also unlike anything else out there in the world. An experienced cyclist can feel the difference immediately. We are on track to advance carbon bicycle design and set a new design standard” explained the company Founder and CEO Eggers.


C‐PLY™ bi‐angle NCF also offers new potentials in automotive, aeronautics and the wind energy sector

 In addition to current composite applications in the consumer and sport recreational market, C‐PLY™ Bi‐Angle aids both weight and composite processing cost reductions. The ongoing general market demand for weight reduction is related to both environmental and performance requirements worldwide in aeronautics and automotive sectors. “The application range is expanding and developing, since it is now possible to produce C‐PLY™ Bi‐Angle from glass or glass/carbon hybrid, and to alternate thin and thick plies at angles as low as 20°. The 20° shallow angle NCF capability gives composite laminates optimum performance: producing them is simpler, faster, and there are fewer ply placement errors,” said Philippe Sanial, Chomarat R&D Manager. American Artisan Bicycles in America’s first carbon bicycle manufacturing cooperative. It’s focus in on manufacturing innovative carbon road racing bicycles made in the USA. American bicycle manufactures and frame builders may contact John Eggers to learn more about the benefits of building with CHOMARAT’s C-PLY™ Bi-Angle Carbon NCF.

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