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Umatex Carbon Fiber will be presented at JEC World

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4 Mar 2016

Alabuga-Fibre, established by the Holding Company Composite (HCC) under order of the Rosatom, will present the trade mark of its 4200 and 4500 GPA carbon fiber Umatex.

The Alabuga-Fibre facility launched into operation in May 2015 has already been listed in the top 20 Global Carbon Fiber (CF) manufacturers.

The company operates the top-notch equipment. Its capacity is 1700 tpa. The production line includes: the creel, the thermal stabilization area with advanced energy-efficient oxidation ovens and carbonization furnaces, and new surface treatment and finished up to 8 kg spools CF winding systems. The line is designed to produce various grades CF.

Carbon Fiber manufacturing technology has been developed by Russian engineers, and is the Company IP. "The ultra-modern equipment we are operating, the unique Carbon Fiber Technology developed, low energy and labor costs in Russia - all of the above have contributed to us creating a European level and quality product", - stated the Alabuga-Fibre Technical Director Yuri Svistunov.

As of the launch of the facility, it has streamlined the production of industrial batches of the brand CF Umatex UMT 42-12K-EP and Umatex UMT 42-24K-EP. The following new products have been developed in 2016: Umatex UMT 45-12K-EP, as well as smaller grade 6К CF tow. The above products will be manufactured as per client requests.

CF of the above grades used as the basis of light composite materials is in high demand in space, aviation, automotive, energy, marine, oil&gas, and construction industries.

Chinese composite materials manufacturers have already demonstrated interest to the Alabuga-Fibre products. The first batch of Umatex brand CF was exported to China in February 2016.

About HCC:
Holding Company Composite (HCC) since 2009 when it was established, has become on of the Russian leaders in the area of polymeric composite materials, with its market share of 70%. The Russian composite materials industry is one of the priority ones that enjoy governmental support. Due to the above there are significant investments into the development of this industrial sector.

The company has competences manufacturing fabrics and prepregs continuously improving the manufacturing process efficiency. The production facility is the company subsidiary Prepreg-ACM.

Standard products special offers, including those for multiaxial fabrics, will be made during the Products Show at JEC World 2016 (Hall 5A - H25). The above products are used as the basis of light and high strength composite materials in the following industries: aviation, automotive, marine, construction, etc.

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