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Umeco’s competition grade prepregs used for high performance bicycles

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24 Jul 2012

German automotive, motorsport and competition cycling components manufacturer AX-lightness GmbH is using Umeco’s autoclave and press curable MTM®49-3 prepregs to produce structures for competition bicycles being used at national and international events.

AX-lightness, the only developer and manufacturer of cycling structures that is also a key supplier into the Formula One sector, is the proud sponsor of Team Ghost Factory Racing, an all-ladies mountain bike team which competes at national and international level. Three Team members, Lisi Osl, Katrin Leumann und Alexandra Engen, will be riding high-tech’ bikes with wheels manufactured using Umeco’s MTM®49-3 woven carbon fibre reinforced epoxy prepregs. AX-lightness also uses a combination of Umeco’s unidirectional and fabric reinforced MTM®49-3 prepregs to manufacture cycle components for an Australian triathlon athlete. AX-lightness chose to autoclave cure its structures to accommodate their intricate design features.


Umeco’s MTM®49-3 series prepregs are 80 to 160°C curing, toughened epoxy matrices developed specifically for the manufacture of components requiring good impact resistance. These prepregs also exhibit excellent ambient and hot temperature mechanical performance after only moderate cure cycles, making them ideal for sports & leisure and motorsport applications.


Umeco’s MTA®240 adhesive film and MTF246 surface improvement film are fully compatible with MTM®49-3.


AX-lighness’ success is rooted in its innovative, lightweight and highly functional products, and unique processing methods. Their weight-saving carbon fibre products are used by international racing teams and have been ‘on the podium’ at the Tour de France every year since 2001, and it is highly likely that we will see them on the podium at forthcoming international events.



Daniel Brambeer, Regional Sales Account Manager - Umeco Structural materials, said: “AX-lightness is a very proficient customer. Their technical knowledge, paired with an innovative approach to all composites applications, combine to make any project a challenge as they strive to achieve maximum performance out of Umeco’s prepregs. We work together to achieve the optimum solution for individual applications, and we are pleased that those who use AX-lightness products achieve success at national and international events.”

Images: ©AX-lightness GmbH


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