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Umeco’s composite materials put a ‘spring’ in the step of the athletes

News International-French

24 Aug 2012

Ottobock HealthCare uses Umeco’s composite materials to produce prosthetic limbs (blades) for athletes around the world.

Ottobock selected Umeco’s VTM®264 unidirectional carbon reinforced epoxy resin prepregs to manufacture the blades that athletes such as  Heinrich Popow and Kelly Cartwright are using.


Kelly Cartwright and Heinrich Popow, successful 100 and 200m sprinters and long-jumpers, have experienced the benefits of Ottobock’s design and composites manufacturing expertise at previous national and international sporting events, and hope to win more medals in the future.


VTM®264 is a toughened, 65 to 120°C curing, epoxy resin prepreg specifically developed for oven vacuum bag processing. It is an intermediate viscosity and tack prepreg suitable for full impregnation of light and medium weight unidirectional and woven reinforcements. Woven prepreg is being used for the upper section and unidirectional prepreg is being used to manufacture the blade section.

Umeco has long been supplying materials to the medical and sports industries, and its products are used across a wide range of sporting disciplines. Umeco develops custom composite materials that help athletes in their performances. Umeco wishes athletes every success as they strive to achieve medals in their respective events.



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