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Umeco high performance prepregs, vacuum bagging consumables and tooling

News International-French

27 Sep 2012

Umeco activities are truly global and focused on delivering advanced composites innovation and a range of services, from structural and process materials to tooling and distribution solutions to their customers.

Their products, which include prepregs and fully compatible vacuum bagging systems and consumables, are used in the automotive, aerospace, defence, wind energy, recreation, and marine industries operating around the world.


Possible applications are described hereunder:

  • UBC's Coren urban bikeUBC’s Coren® urban bike, created by UBC’s designer Christian Zanzotti. The frame is made using Umeco’s epoxy prepregs incorporating high tensile strength carbon fibres generally used for structural assemblies on Formula One monocoques. (see attached picture)

  • Prosthetic limbs, one for everyday use and the other for use by athletes competing at national and international sporting events, have been manufactured by European customers using Umeco prepregs.

  • Automotive components depicting the application of their structural and cosmetic prepregs.

  • Hand-held demonstrating the application of their tooling prepregs, including their award-winning (JEC 2011 – Equipment Category) Carbovar technology, an innovation in composite tooling which dramatically enhances tooling durability through the adhesion of a nano-crystalline Invar (Nannovate™ NV) surface coating. 

  • A staggered sandwich panel demonstrating how their Structural & Process materials’ products work harmoniously in the production of large Out-of-Autoclave (OoA) structures. (see attached picture)

  • Ancillary process material products, including vacuum bagging consumables, infusion materials and reusable vacuum systems,