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Unbalanced thin ply bi-axial NCF

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7 Mar 2012

JEC Asia 2012 -At the JEC 2011 Design conference, Chomarat and Stanford University, as part of a developing project mobilizing a team of companies and universities from around the world, introduced, a totally new concept of unbalanced thin ply bi-axial NCF called C-PLY™ Bi-Angle.

Production equipment is now in place to run either carbon or glass NCF with shallow angles as low as 20°. In order to meet the demands of Aerospace OEMs, the team is now introducing Intermediate modulus carbon fiber and is able to reach aerial ply weight as low as 50 gsm.


Associating a shallow angle with anisotropy allows for bending & twisting coupling in the laminate, offering unexplored design possibilities and large weight savings for parts with a preferred direction in terms of the load. Newly developed materials offer new possibilities.

•          Carbon Glass thin ply hybrids NCF

•          Thick Thin Carbon hybrids NCF

•          Thick Glass Thin Carbon hybrids NCF


Spreading of glass fiber is also part of the program with results so far as low as 150 gsm per ply based on 1200 tex glass roving.


This new concept relies on three building blocks. Shallow angle, anisotropy and thin plies. Depending on the geometry and specific load of the part, any or all three of the building blocks can be introduced into the design offering unprecedented weight saving possibilities.


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