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Unidirectional fibre-reinforced thermoplastic prepregs

News International-French

20 Feb 2013

JEC Europe 2013 - Fibre film technology allows the cost-efficient manufacture of Ce-Preg® continuous fibre-reinforced thermoplastic materials with excellent mechanical properties.

These high-performance prepregs are created by application and melting of thermoplastic films on both sides of the unidirectional spread web feed.

The developed machinery forms the unidirectional reinforcing fibre layer with completely stretched fibres and a defined weight per unit area. The fibres are impregnated to create a pre-consolidated thermoplastic tape with a defined fibre volume content. The properties of the semi-finished parts can be varied by compounding the matrix materials. The protected, fixed fibre bonding results in good handling qualities with a greatly reduced risk of filamentation during further processing. Currently, PP, PA 6 and PA 6.6 with film thicknesses between 40 and 100 μm are used as matrix material. Carbon, glass and basalt fibres are incorporated as reinforcing fibres. The thermoplastic prepregs can be produced in widths up to 600 mm. Further processing into load-adapted fibre composites is possible e.g. by thermoforming, or in combination with injection moulding.

The Ce-Preg® materials are used for lightweight applications in all fields of machine and plant engineering as well as in the automobile industry. To further extend the range of applications, the use of high-performance plastics such as PPS, PEI and PEEK as matrix material is planned.

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