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Univar signs a new agreement with BASF to distribute additives and polymers in the Turkish plastics market

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5 Jun 2012

Univar Inc., a leading global chemical distributor, announced today it has signed a new agreement with BASF to market and distribute its plastic additives and polymers in Turkey.

"We are delighted to start this relationship with Univar in the Turkish market and we strongly believe that its knowledge of the plastics industry in the region, together with its local presence, will be of mutual benefit for our business relationship. We are confident that our extensive additives and polymer product offering will better reach this growing market by working together with Univar," says BASF Vice President, Dirk Kruse.

“As a high quality additives and polymers supplier, with an excellent product range, BASF’s partnership with Univar is a strategic fit,” explains Nick Powell, vice president Middle East, Africa, Turkey and Greece, Univar. “This association will further enhance our product and service offering to our Turkish customers, enabling them to develop truly innovative products and gain competitive advantage.”

The agreement includes over forty well-known BASF products such as IRGANOX® and SICOPAL®, which help to enhance the performance, look, and feel of finished plastics goods. All the additives and polymers included in the agreement have applications in a wide variety of industries including the automotive, agriculture, textiles, and building and construction sectors. The agreement does not include additives or polymers associated with the artificial leather industry. 


Another product included in the agreement is optical brightener TINOPAL® OB, which can be used in all natural and pigmented polyolefins, styrenics, and polycarbonates to improve colour, enhance brilliancy, or to mask the yellowness of plastic articles. Applications include kitchen utensils, decorative sheets, photo papers, white boards, and wallpapers, among others.


Turkey is an important market for Univar; its population of more than 77 million people and its strong economic growth present significant opportunities for the business. The Turkish plastics industry grew by 15 percent in 2011 and 17 percent in 2010, and growth forecast to reach 10 percent in 2012

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