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USUN successfully developed solar FRP yacht in Xiamen

News International-French

31 Dec 2012

Recently, USUN Yachts Co., Ltd has successfully researched and developed one solar FRP yacht and put into use in Xiamen city, Fujian province.

This yacht is made of fiberglass with 15 meters in length and 6 meters in width. It weighs 3 tons. The rooftop solar panels are covering an area of 90 square meters. The solar energy captured by the solar panel can be conversed into electric energy storage provides electricity for the ship electrical equipments.


The solar FRP yacht USUN built has no pollution, no noise, and zero emissions. It is the ideal energy-saving environmental protection vessel for Inland River, lake, reservoir and other water tourism.

The whole yacht collects and converts the solar energy through the high transformation efficiency flexible solar power panel into electrical energy, and stored in a non-polluting recyclable lithium iron phosphate group batteries. The electricity stored can be used to provide the power for the double engines driven continuous voyage. The set of electric propulsion system can satisfy the 6-8 knots travel speed.


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