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A UV curable liner which speeds up pipe repair

News International-French

23 May 2016

Brandenburger liner manufacturing process becomes more competitive using Aliancys technical solution.

Relining is the technology of choice for sewer repair, as the no-dig feature brings minimal disruption of traffic, residents and the environment. In this market Brandenburger has been supplying since many years liners for UV cure installation. CEO Tim Brandenburger explains how his company is currently reinventing itself for better servicing the relining market and for making relining an even more sustainable renovation solution.

Utility companies and municipalities rely on the uninterrupted operation of their sewer networks. Whenever they find a leak or a damaged pipe, they want to repair the pipe quickly so that any disturbance to the environment can be minimized. After renovation, the pipes must be strong and durable, which means the installed liners fit well in the host pipe and can resist the aggressive chemical conditions for years to come.

Brandenburger has been in operation already for three generations and at the forefront of selling UV curable liners. The company has seen a healthy growth of its business in recent years. In view of the condition of the sewers in most European cities and the continued need for renovation, Brandenburger is optimistic about the future market growth potential.

Its new BB2.5 liners can easily follow the curves of the host pipe during installation, are expandable and therefore can easily follow sudden diameter changes. The result: a smooth and strong liner that perfectly fits the shape of the host pipe, extending the life of the combined pipe for many decades.

After several years of development, the Brandenburger liner manufacturing process now has a flexible set-up, allowing the production of liners easily within a day. Instrumental to this success was the ability to impregnate the glass fabrics with UV curable resin and achieve high levels of thickening in only 4 hours (while before, thickening could easily take a week).

It does happen several times per year that a contractor finds surprises underground and needs support at short notice. These surprises can include unexpected changes in diameter or an installation length slightly higher than originally anticipated. Brandenburger has the possibility to meet special customer demands within 24 hrs. and is ready to provide on-site support when required.

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