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UVF – Universal vacuum fixtures system

News International-French

13 Jun 2012

JEC Asia 2012 - The UVF (universal vacuum fixtures) system developed by Belotti SpA is an automatic vacuum fixing system designed to rigidly clamp shaped metal and/or composite parts for several operations (cutting, drilling, water jet cutting).

This programmable system avoids special fixture equipment and further costs (project, manufacturing, storage, maintenance, installation, transport…), while improving product quality and production times.
The numerical control system manages the machining head’s movements and locates the actuators to generate the piece holding surface. In this way, different parts can be machined in sequence without losing time.

Through Stiles machinery Inc., USA, the system has won the Equipment Innovation Award for Composites Excellence (ACE), a competition which recognizes technology achievement, salutes excellence in composite manufacturing, and showcases advancements in product development.


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