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Vacuum moulding draping optimization by Diatex

News International-French

19 Apr 2013

Diatex has designed a specific range of bagging materials for prepregs and hand lay-up composite materials for vacuum polymerisation.

Diatex has introduced its high elongation film and multilayer systems used for vacuum moulding process during last JEC Europe.

Diatex's multilayer systems

Diatex unveils its vacuopeel complex which enables to optimize draping time.
Vavuopeel is a multilayer system (without adhesive or glue ) used in manufacturing processes for vacuum moulding of composite materials with techniques such as prepreg, wet lay-up, and thermoplastic.

Vacuum moulding of composite materials involves using a number of vacuum consumables that have an effect on the production and quality. Some of these are used in successive layers, such as peel ply, perforated film, breather felt, and vacuum-bagging film. Standard procedures involve applying each one separately, while Vacuopeel is a combination of 3 products: a peel ply, a perforated film and a breather/bleeder felt.


Diatex's high elongation bagging film

Instead of traditional method for bagging materials application using a bagging film without elongation, Diatex optimizes method using Diabag 80 which features a very high puncture resistance and tear resistance. Its protective film makes easy the laying down on the laminate and its high deformability of 800% can match the most complex forms without the port.




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