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Van.Eko launches the world's first bio-based electric scooter

News International-French

12 Aug 2013

The Be.e is an electric scooter built from flax fiber and bio resin. It is designed by Waarmakers and manufactured by Van.Eko using NPSP Composieten's bio-resin.

A consortium of SME partners funded by SIA/RAAK (Stichting Innovatie Alliantie/Regional Attention and Action for Knowledge circulation) and coordinated by College InHolland have developed an electric scooter with a load-bearing construction lade from bio-composites.

The construction of the scooter monocoque is made of strong and lightweight materials based on dauth flax and hemp and resins derived from natural ressources.
It is the first time that a vehicle made primarily of these promising and durable materials has been developed. In realising this project 56 students, eleven teachers, ten SME's and twenty professionals collaborated together to reach this result.

The past two year, the biocomposites monocoque was tested in Composites InHolland Delft and the best production methods were determined. Simultaneously the target group and the design of the scooter were determined, Van.Eko now focuses on marketing the scooter under the name Be.e.

The Be.e is innovative within 3 theme's of tge IPCC, a leading institution that evaluates the risks of climate change. Firstly, the scooter has an improved sustainable and technologic design thanks to the use of the bio-composites monocoque. Secondly the electromotor works by using alternative fuels and electricity. Thirdly the Be.e is an efficient means of transport (better use of ressources, lower emissions, less space, no traffic jams, no parking) for home-to-work commuting.