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Vanguard Space Technologies awarded subcontract from Lockheed Martin

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29 May 2012

Vanguard Space Technologies Awarded a Multi-Million Dollar Subcontract from Lockheed Martin Company to build two spacecraft bus structures for the Advanced Extremely High Frequency (AEHF) Program

Vanguard Space Technologies, Inc. announced a multi-million dollar subcontract award from Lockheed Martin for fabrication and testing of two spacecraft bus structures for the U.S. Air Force's Advanced Extremely High Frequency (AEHF) Satellite. The AEHF Satellite  Program is the next generation of global, highly secure, survivable communications systems for warfighters within all services of the Department of Defense. Vanguard is a leading supplier of space-qualified, high-performance composite structural components and systems for space products.

Frank Belknap, Vanguard's chief executive officer stated: "We are very pleased to be awarded the AEHF bus structure program. Continuous improvement and performance on other complex composite assemblies are helping to establish Vanguard as an industry leader in the fabrication of spacecraft bus structures." Jon DeVault, Vanguard's chairman of the board stated: "This is a significant win for Vanguard. It establishes us in another market segment, which is critical to our strategic plan."

About Vanguard Space Technologies:
Vanguard specializes in the engineering, fabrication and testing of high-performance composite structures for space. The company's main product lines include antennas, reflectors, spacecraft bus structures, solar array substrates, dimensionally-stable optical benches, and multi-functional composite structures. Among Vanguard's capabilities are full engineering, with extensive experience in advanced composites design and analysis. Vanguard also has emerging growing business in space power and optical and thermal products, which includes deployable solar arrays, modular solar arrays, loop heat pipe radiator panels, infra-red and sub-millimeter reflectors, and solar concentrators.