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VCAMM at the Australian Grand Prix

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29 Mar 2013

Victorian Centre for Advanced Materials Manufacturing (VCAMM) organised and ran a stand that was part of the AutoCRC chalet at the Australian Grand Prix.

The stand was used to promote VCAMM, Carbon Nexus, Carbon Revolution, Bellmont Composites and Coatings, and VCAMM’s new D4 composite component manufacturing process. A number of VCAMM and Deakin University personnel were on hand to operated our stand. We were very grateful for the help from everyone involved, particularly as we were open until 7 pm each day, and a number of the team gave up their week end to take part.

We had a large number of people passing through since we were situated right behind the Webber grandstand on the main straight, with a number of interested possible industry partners (including Hyundai and DVL from Indonesia).

The highlight of the weekend was when Premier Denis Napthine visited our stand, particularly since the AutoCRC chalet was the only chalet visited by the Premier. The Premier asked Dr. Minoo Naebe, whom was working on our stand at the time, a number of questions about the technology we were displaying, and she did a great job promoting Carbon Nexus and VCAMM. It was interesting to hear the Premier state that he knew about all the good work being done at Deakin around carbon fibre.


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