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Velox expands distribution partnership with Wolfangel in Poland

News International-French

10 Dec 2015

The European specialist in the marketing and distribution of raw material specialities for the plastics, composites, additives, paints and coatings industries, announces its extended partnership with Wolfangel in Poland starting January 2016.

The complete range of services and products of the FRP equipment producer will be offered to meet the customers’ needs.

Velox’ product range is continuously growing following the strategy group to become ‘one-stop shop’ for the composites market in Europe. Velox Poland already offers resins, gelcoats, adhesives, glass and carbon reinforcements, fillers and additives, tools and release agents. With Wolfangel’s large machineries and tools range, Velox portfolio is getting complete to answer every customers’ demands.

About Wolfangel:
Rolf Wolfangel started with Composites already mid of the 1950’s. Already in 1958 he produced a sleigh in RTM. End of the 1970’s Rolf Wolfangel started to produce FRP equipment such as gelcoater, chopper, injector, metering systems, e. g. FRP parts are produced with Wolfangel equipment in more than 30 countries worldwide. Our equipment is well known as high quality and very reliable products, easy to use and simple to maintain. The product range today includes the whole FRP equipment from small gelcoaters, plc controlled injection and metering systems to high end customized machines for various applications.

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