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Velox expands its Asahi Kasei Plastics Europe offer with Leona

News International-French

3 Feb 2014

Velox is the exclusive distributor in France and Scandinavia since early 2013 for Asahi Kasei Plastics Leona 90G & 91G Series engineering-grade resins. The company is a European leader in the marketing and supply of raw material specialities for the plastics, composites, rubber, paints and coatings industries.

Thanks to Velox’ comprehensive sales network across the entire European continent including Turkey, this distribution agreement for Leona allows Asahi Kasei to further expand its market reach, already well established in Asia and North America.

Asahi Kasei Plastics’ Leona 90G & 91G Series (polyamide 6/6+6i) resins are based on partially aromatic polyamide copolymers. These ensure excellent visual stability, high modulus (>19 GPa) and minimal isotropic shrinkage whilst maintaining dimensional accuracy and low post-mould warpage. Further advantages are weatherability and superior vibration-dampening characteristics. The 90G Series is a glass fibre-reinforced material, whereas the 91G Series is glass fibre and mineral-reinforced. The 90G Series offers easy processing at low mould temperature (90°c) while enabling high quality finishes, easy colourability and excellent flow characteristics even when manufacturing thin-walled, complex parts. A further advantage could be a reduction in cycle time. The Leona 90G compounds are highly UV-stable, exceeding an extensive spectrum of automobile manufacturing  norms, and provide superb mechanical stability even in a conditioned state.

Asahi Kasei Plastics developed Leona resin with 60 per cent glass-fibre reinforcement to solve the challenges faced by the Ford Motor Company in 2012 when designing longer register vanes. The unique properties of Leona 90G60 resin met Ford’s requirements for high strength and high modulus (stiffness), while at the same time providing the finished part with a superb Class A surface notwithstanding the considerable glass-fibre content.

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