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Velox extends composites distribution in German-speaking countries

News International-French

18 Sep 2013

Velox GmbH,supplier of raw materials specialities for plastics, composites, rubber, paints & coatings industries, announces a joint venture with Jürgen H. Aurer (Alpomid GmbH & Co. KG) to enter the German-speaking composites markets.

Velox offers a range of products including resins, gelcoats, bonding pastes, reinforcements, catalysts, pigments, core materials, ancillaries, machineries and equipment, and is covering wide markets such as transportation, tanks and pipes, marine, chemical protection, sanitary ware applications, renewable energies, sports & leisure, automotive, etc.

The company establishes a strategic partnership with Jürgen H. Aurer and his management and strategy consulting firm Alpomid, located in Bad Zwischenahn, Germany. This joint venture will be lead by Jürgen H. Aurer who will develop the composites market in the German-speaking countries. This cooperation is expected to provide a long term relationship between Velox and its customers in Austria, Germany and Switzerland due to the great combination of know-how for these new markets.

With 25 years of experience in Composites, Jürgen H. Aurer has a strong knowledge on the products and the market. His experience as Manager at BASF, Managing Director at BÜFA, Euroresins, DSM Composite Resins Deutschland and Alpomid, founded by himself in 2011, brought him a large knowledge on the composites market. Jürgen has also been very active for the composites Industry as he was until 2010 President of AVK, the Federation of Reinforced Plastics, as well as boardmember of GKV.