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Vericut composite applications

News International-French

8 Feb 2013

JEC Europe 2013 - Vericut Composite Programming (VCP) software reads CAD surfaces and ply boundary information and creates fibre-placement paths to add material according to user-specified manufacturing standards and requirements.

Composite lay-up paths are linked together to form specific sequences and are output as numerical control (NC) programs for the automated fibre placement (AFP) machine.

Vericut Composite Simulation (VCS) software reads CAD models and simulates the lay-up sequence directly from NC program files. The simulated material applied to the form can be measured and inspected to ensure the NC program follows manufacturing standards and requirements.

Vericut Composite Paths for Engineers (VCPe) provides the same features as VCP but without being configured to program a specific AFP machine. VCPe will allow design and production engineers to develop manufacturing strategies for composite parts and test for manufacturability in a virtual environment.

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