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Vestas 49.4MW wind turbine contract signed in Guangdong

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4 Jun 2012

Recently, Vestas and Guangdong Yueneng Wind Power signed a 49.4MW Vestas Wind Turbine contract.

Expected in August this year, the 25 VESTAS V90 Wind Turbines purchased by GUANGDONG YUENENG will be settled in Guangdong Xu Wen Deng Lou Jiao wind field.


Since VESTAS V90 Wind Turbine has obtained international certification, so this cooperation also successfully qualified the wind farm project investment for European loans.


It is reported, the overseas bank has a strict investment audit on loans for investment in wind power. Especially the requirement for the reliability and certainty of return on investment is very high.


To Wind Turbine equipments, they usually request to purchase the products with a good reputation in the international market. They demand the Wind Turbine models to have the international certification.


VESTAS V90 2 MW platform Wind Turbine not only meets the European investment bank loan demand, but also gives full consideration to the Wind Turbine security. It is because the characteristic of southern coast wind resources. The average wind speed is low but occasionally instantaneous wind speed is very high in this region.


In the process of internationalization of Chinese enterprises, more and more wind power developers realized that find an international cooperation partner with rich experience is an effective way to connect with the rest of world in the international practice.


This cooperation is one of the examples. It demonstrated how to use VESTAS own internationalization advantages to provide reliable business for customers in China. Especially it has another benefit for the Chinese customers to help them successfully applying the European Investment Bank loan.


In addition to the use of international loans, VESTAS more than 30 years wind power construction experience involved in the 69 countries is bound to provide more convenience for the China’s wind power developers internationalization.


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