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Viacn Tech first carbon fiber auto parts production line started construction

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15 Feb 2016

Recently, Wuxi Viacn Tech has started first phase carbon fiber auto components production line.

This first phase project mainly designed for the production of carbon fiber auto parts and components with an investment of 10 million Yuan (US$ 1.521 million). The products include auto anti-collision beam, low speed energy absorption box, engine assembly etc.

As early as in June last year (2015), Vican Tech has successfully produced a batch of carbon fiber auto parts and components for one Beijing auto factory. Currently, Viacn Tech has successfully worked with a dozen of new energy electric automobile factories and they are negotiating with another six companies as well.

Last year, China first carbon fiber new energy automobile has begotten in Yancheng City, Jiangsu Province. Due to the application of carbon fiber parts and components, the deadweight of this new carbon fiber automobile has been reduced by 50% in comparison with the same type of automobiles. The automobile deadweight reduction can also reduce the mileage fuel consumption and increase the battery endurance capacity.

This time, Vican Tech has discussed with some automobile factories and decided the auto parts and components optimization. They have integrated the forming process of different structure, different thickness, and bulging parts, rib, beam so that lay a foundation for the auto structure modularization and integration.

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