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Victrex AE250 composites launched for aerospace market

News International-French

25 Feb 2016

JEC World 2016 - Victrex has launched composites for the aerospace industry in the form of PAEK, carbon fibre-based unidirectional (UD) tape and laminate panels

Introduced as Victrex AE250 composites, the new product group enables the production of continuously-reinforced components such as brackets, clips, clamps, and housings used throughout the aircraft in primary and secondary structures. The composites take full advantage of a hybrid moulding technology that allows the overmoulding of a continuously-reinforced thermoplastic composite with Victrex PEEK injection moulding polymers.

Victrex AE250 composite solutions, and the hybrid moulding technology, deliver an unmatched combination of cost reductions, weight savings, design freedom, strength and production speed in complex parts that was not possible until now.

Engineers are able to design smarter, which can lead to more efficient manufacturing, improved installation times and cost savings, a high priority in the industry's effort to move planes off the assembly line faster and more cost-effectively. In addition, weight savings of up to 60% and up to 5x higher specific strength are achievable under certain circumstances when compared to metals. Major processing advantages include improved cycle times, lower energy requirements, and the elimination of scrap and secondary operations. These factors help to reduce total system cost as well.

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