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Victrex PEEK wear polymers in automotive transmission applications

News International-French

20 Jun 2012

A new brochure is available from Victrex Polymer Solutions that highlights the growing need for improved wear resistance in aggressive automobile transmission components.

Victrex offers wear grades such as VICTREX® 450FC30 and VICTREX® WG™ polymers that are specifically designed to help deliver greater fuel efficiency with improved performance and reliability in applications where metals, polyimide (PI), and polyamide-imide (PAI) are no longer meeting requirements. These lightweight thermoplastics are aiding the trends of downsizing engines and gear boxes to help meet strict CAFÉ standards mandating that vehicles must achieve 54.5 miles per gallon by 2025.



To illustrate the success of the various VICTREX PEEK wear polymers, the brochure contains comparison charts on the wear rates of PEEK versus PI and PAI, as well as graphs showcasing product benefits such as high temperature performance and compressive strength, vibration and noise dampening, property retention in automotive fluids, and the ability to run temporarily in non-lubricated settings.



VICTREX 450FC30 and VICTREX WG polymers have proven success in applications such as bushings, bearings, seal rings, thrust washers, shift forks, and other transmission components.



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