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Victrex receives AS9100 certification for its high performance, lightweight aerospace tubing solutions

News International-French

28 Mar 2014

Victrex has successfully obtained the rigorous AS9100C/ISO9001:2008 aerospace certification for its VictrexPipes production lines.

This certification gives the aerospace industry the confidence to specify the robust, lightweight tubing made from Victrex PEEK polymer. Today, more than 15,000 aircraft rely on the high performance thermoplastic in demanding applications. By achieving this milestone, the company in PEEK polymeric solutions continues to take a proactive approach in providing innovative metal replacement products to help boost the efficiency of today’s and tomorrow’s aircraft.

With aerospace engineers demanding lighter weight solutions, Victrex Pipes are an attractive and durable alternative to metal given their ability to provide weight reductions of up to 70%. Based on averages from recent fuel economy studies, replacing one hundred meters of metal tubing with a thermoplastic system made from Victrex PEEK can deliver up to $3,300 USD in annual fuel cost savings as well as to reduce CO2 emissions by 11 tons per plane. In addition to being lightweight, Victrex Pipes inherit the benefit of the base polymer of being non-corrosive, which helps the aerospace industry to reduce maintenance and costs. High performance over a broad temperature range and excellent Fire/Smoke/Toxicity performance are further properties that qualify Victrex PEEK for the aerospace industry.

The international AS9100 standard Victrex obtained was especially designed for the aerospace industry. It requires the company to have a quality management system in place to consistently provide products that meet customer and applicable legal and regulatory requirements. Secondly, the standard specifies that the quality management system must establish processes for continuous improvements and ongoing conformity to regulatory requirements in order to provide products that satisfy the needs of aerospace customers.