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Vinyl hybrid resins for composite applications

News International-French

6 Mar 2014

JEC Europe 2014 - Reichhold’s long history of innovation continues with the introduction of ground-breaking technology based on its proprietary vinyl hybrid resin chemistry for composite applications. 

The products include Advalite liquid and hot melt prepreg resins and Norpol Ultimate gelcoats. These resin chemistries are styrene-free and typically do not contain reactive diluents.

The Advalite vinyl hybrid liquid and hot melt prepreg resins exhibit mechanical properties and temperature resistance up to 200°C. These resins are cured using standard free radical inhibitors and initiators. This allows significant processing advantages as compared to epoxy resins. Prepreg composites produced using Advalite hot melt prepreg resin can be stored at 25°C for 12 months and can be snap-cured at elevated temperatures. Several automotive applications are currently in production.

The Norpol Ultimate vinyl hybrid gelcoat exhibits low emissions, low odour and is styrene-free. Emissions are up to 90% lower when compared to standard polyester gelcoats and 75% lower compared to recent low-VOC gelcoat developments. Norpol Ultimate displays mechanical properties similar to high-performance gelcoats, good heat and weathering resistance and is cured using standard peroxide initiators. This allows for fast gel times and good cure speed. It is also compatible and has good adhesion to polyester, vinyl ester and epoxy based laminates and is available in either a spray or roller version.

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