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Virtual manufacturing of continuous fibre composites

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13 Mar 2012

JEC Europe 2012 - With PAM-RTM and PAM-FORM 2012, two numerical simulation applications dedicated to the manufacture of composite parts, ESI Group offers a unique and accurate industrial solution to define and optimize manufacturing processes of dry textiles and prepregs, with the objectives to achieve better part quality and lower production time cycle and cost.

Developed through partnerships in several fields including automotive, aerospace and defense, PAM-FORM is a virtual manufacturing solution dedicated to laminate composites forming processes. It enables to:

. Evaluate different forming and tooling strategies without any physical prototype

. Select the most appropriate material, the right tooling design and the best process parameters to get it right the first time

. Optimize manufactured part quality

. Reduce overall development time and cost

PAM-RTM is a simulation software application for resin injection or infusion of composite preforms with or without inserts and core materials. It allows to:

. Cut tooling and process costs

. Speed up mold design and injection system definition

. Optimize injection/curing cycle time

. Reduce porosity

. Minimize resin waste

. Decrease mold weight

Besides, a high performance solver can manage thermal analysis of preheating, non-isothermal filling and curing in an even more accurate manner. Additionally, a permeability database is available. It will be enriched over time but already addresses a large number and variety of textiles.


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