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Visionary light weight construction with RAMPF tooling

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13 Feb 2013

Demand for lightweight materials has been increasing rapidly for the last few years. With this in mind, RAMPF Tooling, producer of liquid, paste, close contour and board materials for model and mold making, is presenting its products and solution for lightweight construction for the first time at JEC Europe 2013.

RAMPF Tooling will present its comprehensive RAKU-TOOL® product range which comprises epoxy and polyurethane systems that are used in the various composites production processes, like hand/wet lay-up, vacuum bagging, resin infusion, prepreg, autoclave, wet compression molding or RTM and cover a wide application temperature range.

Visitors to the fair will have an even broader spectrum to choose from as the affiliated companies, RAMPF Giessharze and RAMPF Dosiertechnik will exhibit customized components for sealing, bonding, casting and coating as well as innovative low pressure mixing and dispensing machines. One display will be the C-DS-Tooling – a mobile, compact and adaptable dispensing machine for manual casting of parts.

Sought after are raw material savings and cost minimization during the production, assembly and the usage of a product. Lightweight construction is a construction philosophy that aims at reducing weight whilst maintaining adequate stability. In this way fuel costs and emissions can be reduced, but actual load can be increased. Lightweight construction is therefore of great importance in the automotive and marine industry, but fundamental in the aerospace industry as well in the area of astro-nautics. Hence RAMPF Tooling has placed the key focus for this year’s exhibits at JEC Europe on the aerospace industry.

Close contour casting for the production of lay-up tools
The material specialist will be showcasing various processes and materials for lightweight construction based on a number of case studies. Included will be the Close Contour material RAKU-TOOL CC-6503, which is especially suited for the production of lay-up tools as it exhibits an excellent and seamless surface structure.
The promising close contour casting technology offers the customer various benefits: The materials are supplied as ready to machine, three dimensional castings, already a close outline of the final shape. The close contour products which can be used for mold and tool production feature a fine, seamless surface, an excellent machinability, no handling of liquid materials to the greatest possible extent and a good dimensional stability. Due to the already close contour shape, less waste is generated, so the final shape can be milled faster and with less cutter wear.

High quality and efficiency: epoxy board material
The new working board, RAKU-TOOL WB-0691, together with adhesive and repair paste will be presented as a complete package solution. Its application area stretches from lay-up tools for low temperature prepregs and vacuum forming tools to applications in the medium temperature range in racing, marine, sport, medical technology as well as the machine industry. A case study showing the production of a gangplank for a yacht using the classic and proven RAKU-TOOL WB-0700 will be on show.

From the range of liquid systems RAMPF Tooling will showcase the epoxy infusion system EI-2500/EH-2970-1, which is used to impregnate dry fiber packages in one operation and exhibits excellent flow and wetting properties. Through the resin infusion process a high part quality with low part thickness variance as well as high mechanical properties can be achieved. Additionally structural changes are easily possible.

"We would like to present our customers with a holistic overview of various production processes, products and solutions to enable them to choose the products and processes best suited for their applications“, explains Heinz Horbanski, Managing director of RAMPF Tooling.

RAMPF Tooling will be present at JEC Europe in Paris, stand H46, March 12th-14th

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