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Vistagy and CGTech extend partnership

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19 Oct 2011

This extension allows the two companies to provide integrated solution for automated drilling and fastening of airframe assemblies . Vistagy's SyncroFIT and CGTech's Vericut Drilling & Fastening solutions combine to enhance the transition of engineering data from design to manufacturing.

VISTAGY, Inc., a  leading provider of industry-specific engineering software and services, and  CGTech, a recognized leader in Computer Aided Manufacturing (CAM) software for  numerical control (CNC/NC) simulation, verification, optimization and analysis  software technology for manufacturing, today announced that they have expanded  their partnership to enable automated assembly of airframe structures by  integrating VISTAGY's SyncroFIT(r) software for designing and manufacturing  complex assemblies and large aerostructures and CGTech's VERICUT Drilling &  Fastening (VDAF) solution.


Previously, the companies partnered to integrate VISTAGY's FiberSIM(r)  composites engineering software and CGTech's VERICUT Composite Programming and  Simulation Suite (VCP), which together enable rapid design and manufacturing  iterations to optimize the development of composite structures produced by  automated fiber placement (AFP) machines. The new complementary offerings from  CGTech and VISTAGY support airframe assembly processes, enabling engineers to  have common interfaces and solutions for managing composite structures and  handling airframe assembly.


SyncroFIT is the only production-proven, CAD-integrated, commercial-off-the- shelf (COTS) solution for managing the complexities of airframe assemblies,  with an emphasis on fastened structures. VDAF is a software application for  simulating and programming auto-drilling and fastening machines that is  independent of both the machine and CAD system. Together they address the  broad needs of aerospace manufacturers by providing a single source solution  that encompasses everything from upstream engineering definitions to  downstream NC programming.


Given the fragility of composites, there needs to be precise control of speeds  and feeds in the drilling process to avoid the possibility of de-lamination,  splintering, etc., as well as to ensure high throughput.  Automated  manufacturing requires an enormous amount of detail. The integrated solution  provides that detail with SyncroFIT defining the location of holes and  fasteners and seamlessly transferring all the associated data to VDAF to be  used in the automated manufacturing process.


"This is another example of how VISTAGY's AeroSuite(tm) (including SyncroFIT,  FiberSIM, the Quality Planning Environment(tm) (QPE), and VISTAGY Professional  Services) addresses the full spectrum of challenges that arise from using  composites within an airframe assembly," said Steve Peck, director of product  and market strategy for VISTAGY. "By creating engineering data that fully  supports the entire airframe manufacturing process, we're enabling  manufacturers and suppliers to fully leverage the most advanced materials and  processes available today."


"VDAF is a natural fit with SyncroFIT creating a complete environment for  companies designing and manufacturing airframe assembles with CNC automation,"  said Bill Hasenjaeger, CGTech product marketing manager. "By integrating  SyncroFIT and VDAF, we're now able to ensure an easy and repeatable process  from assembly design to assembly automation that yields a high quality  product."


To learn more about how VISTAGY, CGTech, and Delta Sigma Corporation work  together to increase the overall efficiency and accuracy of developing  airframe assemblies, go to and  download a Webcast entitled: "Assemble High Quality Airframes with New  SyncroFIT 2011."



About CGTech

Headquartered in Irvine, California CGTech specializes in numerical control  (NC/CNC) simulation, verification, optimization and analysis software  technology for manufacturing. Since 1988, VERICUT(r) software, has become the  industry standard for simulating CNC machining in order to detect errors,  potential collisions or areas of inefficiency. CGTech also offers machine- independent off-line programming and simulation software for automated fiber- placement CNC machines. With offices worldwide, VERICUT software is used by  companies of all sizes, universities/trade schools, and government agencies.

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About VISTAGY, Inc.

VISTAGY, Inc. is a leading global provider of industry-specific engineering  software and services that create rich product descriptions for better- informed decision making early in the design cycle. The company enhances  commercial 3D CAD platforms by applying specialized process knowledge and  domain expertise to create solutions that solve some of the world's most  complex engineering problems. As a result, customers significantly increase  their reuse of engineering data and ultimately reduce cost, improve quality,  and cut time to market. VISTAGY is a strategic partner to hundreds of leading  manufacturers in the aerospace, automotive, and wind energy industries,  including Bombardier Aerospace, General Motors, and Sinomatech Wind Power  Blade Co. The company is headquartered in Waltham, Massachusetts, USA,  


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