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Vittoria graphene innovation wins award

News International-French

29 Apr 2015

Vittoria was honored by IDTechEx with the commercialization award for its use of revolutionary technologies in high-end traditional products.

IDTechEx is a leading independent market research, business intelligence and event organizer company in the field of emerging technologies. Their clients use IDTechEx’ insights to make strategic business decisions, set their long-term direction and grow their organizations. The IDTechEx commercialization award is given to an actual commercial success with an end product using graphene, photovoltaics, printed or partially printed, organic or thin film electronics. Judges looked for success in terms of products sold and revenues generated, as well as impact on the marketplace and society at large. Mass scale deployment is an important consideration for this award. IDTechEx is headquartered in Cambridge, UK.

This year, Vittoria was announced the winner in Berlin at the European version of the Printed Electronics 2015/ Graphene & 2D materials event for using Graphene in traditional but high-end products to unlock performance improvements. With this great achievement Vittoria finds itself amongst prominent co-winners, such as DuPont and Konica Minolta. With the recently discovered material of pristine Graphene, as provided by our partner Directa Plus, Vittoria has rapidly transformed from a traditional manufacturer to a high-tech innovation company.

Rudie Campagne, president and founder of Vittoria Industries Ltd., said: “The recognition of IDTechEx at the Printed Electronics Europe 2015 conference and trade show is a major milestone in the revolution we started. Since September we are the first and only company producing and selling our carbon wheels with graphene in increasing numbers all around the world. Some are already used as service wheels in the big professional bike races. Our carbon wheels show a dramatic improvement of heat dissipation and significant increased material strength. The combination of our high-performance wheel and tire products with pristine Graphene is an innovative development that unlocks a whole new level of uncompromised performance.”

Giulio Cesareo, President and CEO of Directa Plus, shared: “When we speak about new processes and new materials, it is essential to have the ability to identify real ‘marquee customers’, promoting new materials, helping us to build up material credibility and validating our shared development. In this case, Directa Plus has been very fortunate in crossing paths with Vittoria. In the person of its Founder and Chairman Rudie Campagne, Vittoria has had the vision, the courage and the strength to modify a successful product to introduce an innovative but totally unknown technology. We now see products unique in their characteristics and performances which will certainly be rewarded by the end users.”

One of the judges commented, “Graphene has attracted widespread interest over recent years and it is great to see an actual product that utilizes the advantageous properties of this exciting material.”