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VKTRY performance insoles

News International-French

26 Aug 2016

Improving athlete protection, recovery & performance

An athlete’s interaction with the ground is of the utmost importance in determining how well, how far, and how fast an athlete moves. Yet, advancements in insole technology have been underwhelming, mainly because of the challenges confronted when dealing with the human foot. Until now.

Introducing VKTRY Performance Insoles (aka VKs). Backed by ten years of R&D and several 3rd party scientific studies, VKs are designed to help an athlete in three ways: improved performance, protection from injury, and aid in injury recovery.

Improved Athletic Performance
Typical sports insoles are passive devices, only absorbing energy and providing support. A breakthrough in sports gear technology unlike any insole currently on the market, VKTRY introduces Dynamic Insole Technology. VKs are full length carbon fiber insoles designed with aerospace grade carbon fiber. The patented shape and engineered carbon fiber layering maximizes ground force to help propel an athlete in any direction, no matter the sport.

VKs don’t just absorb the ground force that an athlete generates, they actually return that energy to the athlete in a remarkable way. VKs store energy when the foot hits the ground and release that energy as the foot leaves the ground. Test results show impressive improvements for athletes in the 40 yard dash, 3 cone agility test, standing broad jump, and vertical jump.

“The VK is a low profile, lightweight, corrective/performance insole that is unlike anything I have ever seen”, stated Gary Vitti, Head Athletic Trainer for the L.A. Lakers. “I love this product because it will change ground contact and movement efficiency in the sports world. Congratulations to the design and product engineering team at VKTRY!”

Injury Protection
Flat carbon fiber plates have been used in the sports world for decades to provide foot protection. But these simple plates were not designed for use “pre-injury”. VKs are comfortable and flexible enough that athletes can wear them prior to an injury taking place.

“The best way to treat an injury is to protect yourself from one,” said Vitti. “The VK is the best combination of shock absorption while maintaining stability that I have ever seen on the orthotic market.”

By providing an exceptionally stable foundation for the foot, VKTRY Performance Insoles help protect athletes from injuries such as Plantar Fasciitis, Turf Toe, Lisfranc Sprains, Achilles Tendonitis, Posterior Tibial Tendonitis, and other foot and lower leg issues.


Injury Recovery
By providing added propulsion and stabilizing the midfoot, VKs replace much of the spring normally lost after an injury. Since injured joints, muscles and tendons lose the ability to function efficiently, VKTRY Performance Insoles help to replace the lost propulsion and provide a gentle, protective splinting action for the injured joint during recovery. VKs help get athletes back onto the field faster.

“I have experimented with VKTRY Performance Insoles over the last 2 years and have been able to successfully treat over 80% of my athletes suffering from foot injuries,” stated Jack Marucci, Director of Athletic Training at LSU. “The preventative and protective nature of VKs is valid and undeniable. Because of the product’s design, I can reduce sports injuries and improve recovery time.”

Customization Delivering Optimization
“For most of my life, I have been caring for the feet of athletes and for the last 10 years I have worked with the US Olympic Bobsled & Skeleton teams,” said Matt Arciuolo, Certified Pedorthist and inventor of VKTRY Performance Insoles. “I know from experience that one size does not fit all.”

VKs are available in five different flexibility types (Pro3 through Pro7). Depending on the athlete’s sport, shoe size and body weight, VKTRY’s proprietary algorithm calculates the optimal Pro level for each individual to help in both protection and propulsion. VKs are currently being worn by hundreds of athletes across the sports world from high school to college athletes, Olympians to professionals.

VK Performance Insoles are proudly made in the USA by VKTRY Gear.