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VOI multi purpose scooter

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29 Oct 2014

A revolutionary two-wheller concept for megacities.

For anyone living in a megacity, being stuck for hours in a gridlock is a part and parcel of everyday life. This makes it hard to travel quickly and efficiently in personal modes of transport such as a car or taxi. While motorcycles offer a possible alternative to navigate through heavy urban traffic, it is often not a viable option for business people who need to arrive safely, comfortably and, most importantly, dry.

This mobility challenges has prompted researchers and designers at TUM CREATE to develop a revolutionary two-wheeler concept, codenamed VOI, that is poised to change urban mobility. In Vietnamese, “voi” literally translates to “elephant”, and is a symbol of a safe and intelligent way of transport.

Revolutionising Urban Mobility

With its compact size and manoeuvrability, the electric-powered scooter is developed specifically as a transporter for densely populated megacities. It was designed to be as agile and affordable as a scooter and, at the same time, offers car-like comfort and protection to its passenger.

Equipped with a front passenger cabin, the VOI can be used as a two-wheeled taxi or privately owned chauffeured vehicle, allowing people to commute quickly through heavy traffic without the fear of being exposed to the elements, such as rain, puddles, dust or road debris. The unique seating position gives the passenger a "front-seat view" that is unlike any other two-wheeler concept. At the same time, the enclosed passenger cabin's architecture offers stiffness and rigidity to improve occupant safety.

Apart from being a personal transporter, the VOI can also address the 'First/Last Mile Problem': It can complement an existing public transport system, by offering commuters intermediate transportation from bus-stops or train stations to their desired destinations.

One Vehicle, Many Purposes

The VOI is not just limited to transporting passengers. Its modular front pod can be swapped for a cargo box or even a mobile kitchen — making it a truly multipurpose vehicle. This is particularly useful for small businesses in Asian megacities that rely heavily on motorcycles to transport goods or provide mobile services. At the same time, VOI reduces pollution within a metropolis with its zero tailpipe emissions.



1. Interchangeable Front Pod
The swappable front pod effectively turns the VOI into a multipurpose scooter. The single passenger cabin can be changed for other utilitarian options such as a mobile kitchen, ice-cream chiller, mobile street store or basic cargo pod.

2. Comfort and Safety
The front cabin, which has a clamshell design, offers passengers comfort similar to that of a compact car. It shields occupants from elements such as rain or road debris. It also gives passengers added protection in the event of an accident.

3. Rear Driver Seating
Introducing a rear-seat riding position allows designers to develop a solution that is more convenient for passengers – enabling them to mount and dismount more gracefully. The front pod also protects the rider from wind and flying debris. This design also provides a more compact package that allows the VOI to remain agile in urban traffic.

4. Stability
An additional support stand increases stability for the two-wheeler at a standstill. This allows for easier entry/exit as well as more assurance to both rider and passenger when stopped at traffic lights.

5. Zero Local Emissions
Powered entirely by batteries, the VOI produces zero local emissions. As such, introducing a fleet of such electric-powered transporters in densely populated cities will not add to the air and noise pollution.

The Team

TUM CREATE is a joint electromobility research project between two world-leading universities, Germany’s Technische Universität München (TUM) and Singapore’s Nanyang Technological University (NTU), funded by the National Research Foundation of Singapore. VOI is an urban mobility concept developed by Master’s and final-year Bachelor’s students from both universities. It is a Work-in-Progress prototype to demonstrate the possibilities of future mobility. This project is just one of many research and development works undertaken by over 100 scientists, researchers and engineers from more than 20 countries at TUM CREATE. The cutting-edge research covers topics ranging from the molecule to megacity including areas such as: electrochemistry, electric vehicle battery packs, embedded systems, air conditioning, simulation and modelling, and infrastructure.

Discover this VOI multi purpose scooter at JEC Asia Live Demo Zone, the 17-18-19 November 2014, in Singapore.

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