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Volan coupling agent and adhesion promoter

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22 Oct 2012

Sponsored news - Zaclon LLC’s Volan Coupling Agent and Adhesion Promoter is a highly reactive Werner Complex in which Methacrylic Acid is coordinated with chromium. The Chromium (III) Methacrylate will attach to inorganic or polar substrates and orient itself with the polymerizable group facing outward to permit combination with a wide variety of thermoset resins. Volan attaches securely to glass, metal, polymer, silica, boron, carbon and natural fibers.

Volan is supplied as a solution in isopropyl alcohol and is completely miscible with water and/or acetone or alcohols. Typically, Volan is diluted with water to 1-2% solids, then the solution is neutralized with ammonia to pH of 6.2 to allow for proper bonding.



Size for Glass and Carbon Fiber Roving or Fabric Reinforcement

Volan’s largest use is as a size or finish for glass and carbon fiber roving which is then used as a reinforcing agent in unsaturated polyester resins.  Volan allows good laminate strength and low static charge while maintaining rapid wetting and ease of cutting.



Coating on Silica Microspheres

Treatment with a dilute Volan solution provides an anti-static surface for easy flowing characteristics. Volan also increases the bonding strength of the microspheres upon incorporation into polymer formulations.



Coupling Agent on Pigments & Mica Fillers

Use of Volan eliminates the tendency of mica or other inorganic pigments to not wet out in polymer formulations by providing a reactive surface.

Metal Surface Preparation for Bonding

Volan allows increased bonding between polyimide or epoxies to metal surfaces by depositing a surface reactive monomer to the metal surface. A Solution of Volan in acetone will not only de-grease the surface but deposit a monomolecular reactive layer.

Adhesion Promoter for Inks

A small addition of Volan provides increased adhesion to inks applied to paper filled with inorganic fillers such as titanium dioxide, clays or calcium carbonate.


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