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Wacker expands range of services offered at its Singapore technical center

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29 Nov 2013

The service and R&D center in the Southeast Asian sales hub will provide technical support for customers in the consumer and personal care industry as well as in the paper coating and plastics processing industry.

The chemical Group is thus responding to the growing demand for silicone products and the emerging needs of regional customers for technical support and expertise. The investment in this expansion measure amounts to around € 400.000.

Wacker has been providing comprehensive customer support at its Singapore TC since 2007. The service and development center, which now occupies an area of some 565 square meters, provides technical support to a wide range of different industrial sectors, including construction, paint & coatings, textiles, paper and chemicals. Its technical labs test and develop dispersible polymer powders and dispersions as well as silicone emulsions, silicone resins and antifoam agents for customers throughout Southeast Asia. In 2012, the Singapore TC started providing additional support for manufacturers that use innovative VAE dispersions based on vinyl acetate-ethylene copolymers as binders for the formulation of low-emission interior wall paints.

The latest investment is directed primarily at the labs run by the Performance Chemicals and Construction Chemicals business teams within Wacker Silicones. The business division has been strengthening its operations and sales structures in Asia since the start of the year. The enlarged and newly equipped labs at the Singapore TC now enable local development and testing of cosmetic products, shampoos and polishes that are formulated with silicone fluids or emulsions. The TC’s new services will also benefit customers in the paper coating and plastics-processing sectors.

“By advancing our lab capabilities and research activities, we can provide a much better service for our local silicones customers in Southeast Asia,” stressed Patrick de Wolf, managing director of Wacker South East Asia. “Continued investment in the Singapore Technical Center solidifies Wacker’s role as a technology partner to the industry and illustrates our long-term commitment to driving innovation of silicon-based materials and technologies for the SEA silicone market. The new labs enable us to offer a much better service to local and global key customers, such as Procter & Gamble, and Unilever. Thus, Wacker will continue to collaborate closely with these customers to help advance the silicone market in the region.”
Wacker Chemicals (South Asia) Pte. Ltd.

About Wacker:
The company has been supplying chemical products to Southeast Asia for many years. Wacker Chemicals (South Asia) Pte. Ltd., which was established in 1984, coordinates regional sales. It has also operated a technical center in Singapore since 2007. Bundling a sales and technical center under one roof enables closer teamwork between the sales and development teams, resulting in optimal customer support. Wacker has further technical centers in the Asia region, such as in Australia, China, India and South Korea. The chemical company currently operates 22 such facilities around the world.

Photo: Wacker expanded its lab facilities at the Singapore Technical Center. Now, the company is also able to develop and test silicone applications for the regional consumer care industry.