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Walter Pack opens a plant dedicated to Telene DCPD moulding and painting

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15 Nov 2013

The company, located in Spain, expands production capacity and technical capabilities by acquiring a new 1,500m² building close to their historic location in Igorre, Vizcaya (Northern Spain), and installing new equipment.

The new equipment includes RIM (Reaction Injection Moulding) machines for production of PDCPD parts, large dimension presses (3 by 2.5 mtr), including one with horizontal opening, and a painting line. This expansion will also generate new hires and eventually employ 15 persons.

In order to cope with this big increase in consumption and in a continued effort to decrease the environmental footprint, Walter Pack has decided to switch their delivery systems from 200 liter-drums to 2,000 liter-reusable IBCs. This will add extra flexibility and productivity.

Walter Pack a DCPD resins moulder in the Iberia region, serving a variety of markets such as body panels for buses and coaches, esthetically shaped, weather- and high-tangential-wind-resistant SOS posts, buoys for the fishing industry, and very large parts for the windmill market, significantly reducing the “humming” noise. Walter Pack was the first European Telene moulder producing stylish exterior parts for coaches in partnership with Irizar. The SOS posts can be spotted on the side of many motorways in Spain, Ireland, Chile and Brazil.

Walter Pack is also active in India and in other regions of the world, either directly with their Pune, Maharashtra (India) based facility or via the NER-group, an association of 19 companies, mostly based in the Basque country, totaling a global presence of 1,700 people in 60 countries. They currently plan to open operations in Mexico.

About Telene SAS:
Telene SAS, a Rimtec Corporation company, develops and distributes Telene, a DCPD (dicyclopentadiene) formulated resins system, converted by the RIM (Reaction Injection Moulding) process, and resulting in a high-performance polymer. Its process and properties allow the formation of large, complex design parts, resistant to hostile environments and cost-effective for small to medium series. Telene SAS headquarters, R&D centre and sales office for EMEA, South America and India are located in Bondues, France.

About Walter Pack:
Since its foundation in 1992, the companies which form the WalterPack Group have been working collectively for the automotive sector and industry in general, specializing in the design and manufacture of plastic moulds, through the process of thermoforming, In-mould-Decorating and Reaction Injection Moulding. WalterPack combines extensive experience and intimate knowledge of the components, along with a strong commitment toward technological advancement; it has ensured a position as a market leader in the industry. Manufacturing standards meet the requirements of both ISO 9001 (2008) and ISO TS 16949 (2009).

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