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Webcore Technologies and 3B announce strategic collaboration

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12 Mar 2011

WebCore Technologies LLC and 3B-the fibreglass company announced on the 6th of December 2010 a strategic collaboration that names 3B the exclusive distributor in Europe and Asia for TYCOR® W; WebCore’s fiber reinforced composite core material solution for utility scale wind blades.

Onur Tokgoz, Wind Energy Global Business Leader of 3B said,“3B is committed to offer efficient and innovative solutions for the wind energy market. This distribution agreement with WebCore adds a new product solution to the high quality product portfolio of 3B with the Advantex® and HiPer-tex™ high performance glass fibers. Furthermore, WebCore produces TYCOR W composite core using an environmentally clean manufacturing method that ensures consistent, reliable, physical and structural performance and processing. This approach is totally aligned with the sustainability vision of 3B.” 

TYCOR W is gaining traction in utility scale wind blades because it enables significantly improved performance, quality and energy capture while reducing overall blade weight and cost. The composite core material’s ability to reduce blade weight and the overall cost of turbines is a critical component to making wind power more cost competitive with other power generation sources. TYCOR W has been in use for over two years in utility-class wind turbine blades and is undergoing qualification for use with additional 1.5 - 3.0 MW turbines that have blade lengths in the 40 to 60 meter range. 

Doug Ventura, CEO of WebCore, noted that “3B is the optimal partner for WebCore to increase our global presence. 3B shares WebCore’s commitment to deliver quantifiable competitive advantage for our customers through innovative solutions. 3B is highly regarded in the wind energy industry, and their experienced international sales, marketing and technical support teams will accelerate our penetration in critical markets in Europe and Asia.” 

WebCore has nearly 20 years experience developing, designing, testing and manufacturing TYCOR® fiber reinforced composite core and sandwich structures – products that represent $25 million in research and development investment. In 2007, WebCore used its proprietary platform technology to develop TYCORW, a family of core solutions designed specifically for the unique requirements of utility scale wind blades. To help meet manufacturers’ growing need for large blade production, WebCore provides TYCOR W in four standard grades giving designers and manufacturers the flexibility to optimize blade designs and have the option to use the material throughout the blade. 


About WebCore
Since 1991, WebCore Technologies has been designing and manufacturing TYCOR® engineered fiber reinforced composite core solutions for structurally demanding applications. Headquartered in Miamisburg, Ohio, the ISO 9001 company’s advanced manufacturing facility provides high volume production capacity. WebCore’s expertise in shipping and logistics allows the manufacturer to consistently meet customers’ on-time requirements. A flexible, lighter weight, higher quality product, TYCOR W is a superior alternative for wind blades when compared to balsa wood, PVC and SAN foam. TYCOR’s family of fiber reinforced composite cores are also used by leading manufacturers for applications that include truck bodies, military shelters, pedestrian and vehicle bridges, railcar floors and cargo ship floors.


About 3B
3B is a leading developer and supplier of fibreglass products and technologies for the reinforcement of thermoplastics and thermosets. This dynamic and entrepreneurial company has two state-of-the-art fibreglass manufacturing facilities in Battice, Belgium and Birkeland, Norway as well as a dedicated R&D Centre. 3B’s ambition is to be the thermoplastic global leader, the wind energy solution provider and the business developer of specialty composite applications such as electrical insulators, high pressure vessels, balistics or pipe rehabilitation. This growth agenda builds upon three strategic drivers that are sustainability, technological innovation and a global presence to most effectively service our growing international customer base. The company operates two unique eco-responsible and high performance glass technologies - Advantex® and HiPer-tex™. These two well established brands combine durability with eco-responsibility and versatility features, making them the materials of choice across industries. With a sound foundation of unique assets, 3B is committed to design reliable and durable fibreglass solutions available globally.


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